A Faith Promise

What is a Faith Promise?

Faith Promise is a way of giving to world missions. Rather than waiting to respond to individual appeals as they come along, believers ask the Lord how much they should give to missions over the next year. They then commit to that annual total as a "Faith Promise". It is an exercise in faith - a promise prayerfully made with God, that as He provides you will give, then trusting God to provide; a matter only between the Lord and the giver. Faith Promise commitments are made once a year during our Fall missions conference. The weekly or monthly commitments extend for one year from that time.

What's the relationship between Faith Promise and Tithing?

Faith Promise giving is over and above the tithe. Tithing is a clear scriptural principle, preceding the OT Law. Tithing recognizes God's ownership over me and all that I have. In practical terms, tithe money runs the local church and its ministries. Faith Promise is a way for us to give specifically to reaching the unreached of the world, and tangibly expresses the individual's desire that the whole world know the Good News.

How do I get the funds to fulfill my Faith Promise?

God may increase your income, God may decrease your expenses, or God may lead you to sacrifice.

Who can make a Faith Promise?

Anyone who wants to trust God and be used by Him to spread the Gospel can make a Faith Promise. Youth and children are encouraged to participate.

How do I make a Faith Promise?